Hepatitis A


Videos of Immunizations

  • How Vaccines Work
  • Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccines
  • Parental Worries (MMR and Autism and Multiple Vaccinations)
  • The History of Polio
  • Community Immunity
  • Immunization Wrap-up

50th Anniversary of the Salk Polio Vaccine:
April 12, 2005, marked the 50th anniversary of the first polio vaccine. Since the introduction of the vaccine, great strides have been made in significantly reducing the health impact of vaccine-preventable diseases on children and adults worldwide.

Smallpox, Terrorism, and Disaster Information
Link to frequently asked questions, guidance, and other information about smallpox.

Photos of Preventable Infectious Diseases
Warning: Some images may be considered graphic and disturbing.

CDC Public Health Image Library Project (Exit Site)
The online Public Health Image Library contains approximately 7,000 free public health-related images, including high-resolution photographs, illustrations, and videos devoted to topics ranging from science, to public health, to CDC.


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